Gun Porn: Browning BL-22

Posted March 17, 2008 by gunblobber
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Browning BL-22, Grade I. This lever-action .22 caliber carbine is probably my favorite gun. The gloss American walnut stock is beautiful, as is the deep blued steel. The Grade II upgrades the looks with checkered grips, fancy engraving and a gold-colored trigger. It is also available with an octagonal barrel and a silver-finished receiver in the “FLD” models. However, I personally find the no-nonsense look of the Grade I to be the most attractive of the line. No doubt, it is the prettiest of my guns (click for full-sized pics):

Browning BL-22BL-22BL-22 buttstock wood

The 20″ barrel is matched by a full-length tube magazine which holds 15 .22 Long Rifle, 17 .22 Long, or 22 .22 Short rounds. Reloading is accomplished by depressing the button on the end cap, sliding the magazine rod and spring assembly out of the magazine tube, and dropping in the ammo either from the end or a cutout on the bottom of the tube. It is probably possible to load a round by hand into the receiver, but it would require some precision maneuvering, as there is enough space inside the receiver for a round to get caught up between the guides and the side of the receiver. A misfeed of this sort can also happen if one is not careful to open the action all the way. But that’s probably the best part of this handy little rifle: to recharge, the lever must only be moved through 33 degrees of arc. That is not very much:

BL-22 Action DetailBL-22 Action Open

You’ll notice that the trigger moves down with the trigger guard, meaning no pinched fingers. The short-throw lever means that it is very easy to snap through a full magazine quickly without taking the gun off-target or losing your cheek weld. There is no safety, although there is a half-cock notch. The trigger must be depressed in order to lower the hammer.

Without a doubt, this high-capacity, quick-firing assault lever rifle is enough to strike fear into the hearts of rabbits, squirrels, and tin cans everywhere. Maybe Browning should rename it the ALR-22 😉

Browning’s product page for the BL-22, Grade I. The MSRP is around $500, and street prices are at best about $450. Yes, it’s pricey for a .22 levergun, but I feel that it is worth it. For some reason, it is very hard to find one of these guns — maybe they are snatched up quickly, or perhaps the Miroku plant in Japan is just not making very many of them. None of the local Browning dealers had one in stock, and they were even doubtful about their ability to get one in anytime soon through special-order, so I bought mine online and had it shipped to a local FFL.

Browning also sold a slightly altered model chambered in .17HM2 for a couple of years, dubbed the BL-17. There appears to be a few of those still available through various outlets.

Tempest in an Aussie Teapot

Posted March 14, 2008 by gunblobber
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Brought to you by Uncle and Rustmeister (2). The Aussie post in Question.

There really is a simpler answer here. I’ve been reading a lot of gun blogs in the last 6 months or so. Almost without exception, gun bloggers (who usually self-identify as “right wing” and who probably voted for George W. Bush in the last Presidential election) have concerns, sometimes very serious ones, about the direction the country is headed; the way the Administration is handling the “War on Terror,” both at home and abroad; and the general consolidation of power into government hands. However, perhaps regrettably, if a foreigner starts to impugn our foreign policy, domestic policy, or whatnot, the natural reaction is to close ranks and defend our Country / President / Troops / Policies / whatever. People who may hold nuanced opinions about many of these matters will simplify those views rather quickly when facing a shouting match.

Now, the next thing to point out here is that all honest American Gun Nuts will quickly admit that the Second Amendment (which enshrines the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) really has little to do with self-defense, hunting, or sport. Its primary role is to keep the government out of our business. It is a check against Tyranny — the last and final check, at that (the old chestnut of the 4 Boxes: Ballot, Soap, Jury, and Ammo).

It’s that unshakeable paranoia that convinces so many of these gun weirdos that they need to turn their homes into fortresses bristling with enough weaponry to equip a small third world army. Doesn’t matter what anyone says to them, they believe the world consists of people who want to attack them if only they get half a chance.

Actually, that might also explain a lot about US foreign policy.

See also this Aussie post. In it, Aussie basically states that the US Government is comprised of either 1) dumbasses; 2) lunatics; or 3) dangerous liars. Ok, Aussie, let’s just assume for a second that you’re correct (although I’m actually in agreement, more than you probably realize). Well, I think that Aussie can rest fairly easy — I don’t think the USA is going to attack Oz anytime soon. But what about us Americans? Those of us who are “in the belly of the beast,” as it were? Well, guess what? We Americans are daily watching our civil liberties eroded by those same dumbasses, lunatics, and dangerous liars! If you’re scared sitting on the others side of the planet, do you think that we’re sitting here complacently? Why do you think that we would want to make ourselves helpless before such a government? We don’t, and that is the fundamental reason why we are so forceful about the RKBA. It really has very little to do with defending ourselves against street violence. It has everything to do with defending ourselves against a lying, tyrannical government. Whether that government exists currently or might possibly exist in the future is a matter for debate, but it actually doesn’t matter — the RKBA must stand or else our country is forfeit.

So, to recap my argument in a couple of sentences: Aussie is scared of what he perceives as a tyrannical, lying, stupid, insane US Government. At least he has a few thousand miles of ocean separating him from it. We Americans must rely on our guns for our defense against such a government, albeit only as a last resort (and if this Heller case works out, I think you will hear a collective sigh of relief that we won’t have to go there anytime soon).

BTW, the only reason why I own so many guns, and why I am on a gun-buying spree (I bought 2 at an Evil Loophole Gun Show last weekend — from FFL dealers, so I did have to go through two background checks) is my fear that the FedGov will ban them again. That is honestly the only reason. I would only have… mmm, probably 5 guns right now if I weren’t fearful about this. And they would all be of the self-defense, hunting or sporting type. I would not have any “assault weapons” (or pseudo-“assault weapons” like the SKS) nor would I plan on buying any any time soon. “What the hell would you want an AK or AR for?” is actually a valid question. I really don’t “want” either, and I see them as being fairly purpose-less in my everyday life (potential SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situations notwithstanding). What I really want right now (and would buy, if money were no object) is a nice over/under shotgun (which, as far as I know, is one of the few guns still allowed in Australia). However, they cost $1000+, and I can buy at least 2 AK’s for that. And I know that AK’s would be banned long before over/under shotguns. So, I have to re-prioritize and get some AK’s and AR’s while the getting’s good. So the answer to the question has become “Because I can get them now, and I might not be able to get them in the future.”

Start of a Gun Blob

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After reading and sometimes commenting on gun blogs for a good six months or so, it seems best to establish an identity and a “home”, more or less, for gun blogging activities. Part of the reason why it took so long is that I could not come up with a good name to use. I wish to blog anonymously, probably out of a certain sense of paranoia more than anything else. I toyed with “Geek with a 9mm” or other silly riffs on other people’s names, but when I realized that nobody had yet co-opted the “Gun Blobber” term invented by the person behind the wonderful VPC Blog, I realized that I finally had my name. Thank you, VPC blogger!

By way of introduction, I am in my late 20’s and only started seriously getting into the “gun thing” in the past couple of years, although I grew up shooting with my dad (hunter) and Boy Scouts. I live in Texas and generally consider myself a small-“L” libertarian, although I am willing and happy to vote for any third party just to show my disgust for the major parties.  I am not currently a member of the NRA, GOA, or any other “gun lobby” organization, although I’ve been considering my options for a few months now and will probably join one or another sometime this year. Around the time of Hurricane Katrina, I bought my first gun, a 12-gauge Remington 870 Express. My arsenalcollection currently consists of:

  • Remington 870 Express, 12 gauge
  • Sig-Sauer P226 in 9mm
  • Sig-Sauer Mosquito in .22LR
  • Browning BL-22 lever action .22LR/long/short
  • Remington 700 ADL Synthetic in .30-06 with a Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 scope
  • 1954 Tula Russian SKS, purchased in unfired/rearsenaled condition, now with a few hundred rounds through it
  • Yugo SKS in unfired/rearsenaled condition
  • another Yugo SKS in horrible condition that I’m currently in the process of Bubba’ing with a Tapco T-6 stock, Tapco 20-round magazines and a lot of Dremel work to get rid of all that extra hardware on the end of the barrel (at this point, I’m seriously considering chopping the barrel and getting rid of the front sight assembly altogether). I will also probably try my hand at cold-bluing, as the bluing is mostly gone
  • Mossberg 20-gauge bolt-action shotgun that has probably not been fired in my lifetime (needs a good cleaning and a bit of fixing up)
  • a few DMPS AR-15 lowers — may as well get ’em while I still can, right? I will probably buy an AK or two before I buy the kits to finish out these AR-15’s.

I will put up pics of all of these guns when time allows. I really don’t anticipate writing much here; mostly this is a way for me to establish an identity in the Gun Blogging community for when I leave comments.