For those who don’t yet know, GPal, the 2nd-Amendment-friendly payment provider similar to PayPal, has been having some issues. There really is a whole lot going on there, and it will take too long to explain everything, although I do want to try my hand at putting together a journalistic post which ties everything together. I am nowhere near that point yet. So far, however, I have been helping to accumulate information at the “GPal Info” wiki:

I do not own the wiki and I did not create the wiki; however, I am (so far) the major contributor. As I said, at this point I am just trying to grab facts from various forums ( and, to name the major two sources) and put them into some sort of organized, “one-stop-shop” for information. There is so much info out there that this is a major task. However, I wanted to make a post about it here, partially to verify to any skeptical Calgunners that I am, in fact, Gun Blobber and have been publishing this Gun Blob for a couple of years now. I have been posting as “gunblobber” on the Calguns forums, and I am proud to say that I achieved one of my goals when I got an informational post stickied to the top of the GPal forum on

My main goal is to get GPal stopped until they get their problems fixed (if that ever happens). To put it succinctly, the problem with GPal is that they are having problems making payments out to people’s banking accounts. People who have money in their GPal accounts can’t get it out. This has been going on for months and has affected many vendors, both in the 2nd Amendment community and elsewhere. SOME people are getting their money, but usually it is only after weeks or months of waiting, and after several calls/emails/support forum requests to GPal. (It is my experience, and that of many others, that the phone support line is never answered, and e-mails usually go unanswered as well.)

My secondary goal is to alleviate the problem by publishing any factual information that I can dredge up about the GPal situation. The more people know about GPal, its founder Ben Cannon, and his various and tangled relationships with Calguns and other organizations, the better they can direct their energies in a positive way instead of speculating. Knowing at least a little bit of what’s going on is always better than not knowing. So that’s why I’ve contributed to the GPal Info wiki, and why I have posted a lot of questions on the Calguns forums.

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