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Al Roker: Armed in America

November 23, 2008

Apparently this is a special that will air tonight. has a few excerpts: ( video player)

It seems to play up the illegal gun trade and doesn’t really mention legally-owned firearms by average citizens.  It interviews a bunch of ATF folks.  The piece on AK-47’s is not bad; the ATF guy being interviewed is definitely a “gun nerd”.  Doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all; he is careful to make the distinction between a “real” AK-47 (full-auto) and the typical civilian-available semi-auto AK’s.  None of the pieces that are online seem to perpetuate any of the typical MSM gun myths.  The piece on the improvised/converted firearms (pen guns, lighter guns, briefcase guns) is pretty interesting in its own right.  It would be cool to visit the ATF vault and just marvel at all the cool stuff they have.