A good Slate video on shooting guns in Manhattan. Even though it’s under the “Vice Capades” label, the piece itself is good-humored, and all participants seem to enjoy shooting very much. There’s a group of (sexy, young) women out on a “girl’s night” with a “Charlie’s Angels” theme, and a young couple on a date. Quote from the couple: (guy) “I didn’t want to be another dinner and a movie guy.” (girl) “This is the best date I’ve been on, actually.”

Looks like they’re all shooting stainless/black synthetic 10/22’s (or a similar semi-auto .22LR… I don’t know enough about the various Marlins, etc. to be able to tell the difference).

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One Comment on “weird”

  1. Ya know, my old man took my mom trap shooting on their first date, 41 years ago. Maybe the woman who said shooting is a great first date is onto something.

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