Start of a Gun Blob

After reading and sometimes commenting on gun blogs for a good six months or so, it seems best to establish an identity and a “home”, more or less, for gun blogging activities. Part of the reason why it took so long is that I could not come up with a good name to use. I wish to blog anonymously, probably out of a certain sense of paranoia more than anything else. I toyed with “Geek with a 9mm” or other silly riffs on other people’s names, but when I realized that nobody had yet co-opted the “Gun Blobber” term invented by the person behind the wonderful VPC Blog, I realized that I finally had my name. Thank you, VPC blogger!

By way of introduction, I am in my late 20’s and only started seriously getting into the “gun thing” in the past couple of years, although I grew up shooting with my dad (hunter) and Boy Scouts. I live in Texas and generally consider myself a small-“L” libertarian, although I am willing and happy to vote for any third party just to show my disgust for the major parties.  I am not currently a member of the NRA, GOA, or any other “gun lobby” organization, although I’ve been considering my options for a few months now and will probably join one or another sometime this year. Around the time of Hurricane Katrina, I bought my first gun, a 12-gauge Remington 870 Express. My arsenalcollection currently consists of:

  • Remington 870 Express, 12 gauge
  • Sig-Sauer P226 in 9mm
  • Sig-Sauer Mosquito in .22LR
  • Browning BL-22 lever action .22LR/long/short
  • Remington 700 ADL Synthetic in .30-06 with a Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 scope
  • 1954 Tula Russian SKS, purchased in unfired/rearsenaled condition, now with a few hundred rounds through it
  • Yugo SKS in unfired/rearsenaled condition
  • another Yugo SKS in horrible condition that I’m currently in the process of Bubba’ing with a Tapco T-6 stock, Tapco 20-round magazines and a lot of Dremel work to get rid of all that extra hardware on the end of the barrel (at this point, I’m seriously considering chopping the barrel and getting rid of the front sight assembly altogether). I will also probably try my hand at cold-bluing, as the bluing is mostly gone
  • Mossberg 20-gauge bolt-action shotgun that has probably not been fired in my lifetime (needs a good cleaning and a bit of fixing up)
  • a few DMPS AR-15 lowers — may as well get ’em while I still can, right? I will probably buy an AK or two before I buy the kits to finish out these AR-15’s.

I will put up pics of all of these guns when time allows. I really don’t anticipate writing much here; mostly this is a way for me to establish an identity in the Gun Blogging community for when I leave comments.

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9 Comments on “Start of a Gun Blob”

  1. Welcome to the world. I’m sorry to report, but the NRA won’t be sending any wheelbarrows until you are an official (read: paid) member of the Triangle of Death.

  2. Bruce Says:

    Welcome to the fold.

  3. USCitizen Says:

    Welcome to the Blobbosphere!

  4. Tam Says:

    Hooray! I’m the first to comment! 🙂

    Welcome to blogging.

  5. BobG Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

  6. The Duck Says:

    Well it looks like you of to a good start, owned several SKS’s & the Russians were my Fav.
    Lay in the ammo, can’t have to much of that

  7. Welcome to the gun blobosphere!

  8. Chris Byrne Says:

    Welcome to the triangle of death

  9. […] by vpcadmin on March 17, 2008 The Gun Blobbers think they are mocking us by embracing the term “Gun Blobber”, but the joke’s on them because their sport […]

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